Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Moment Of Exquisite Mogambo Revenge (MOEMR)!

August 3, 2012 Mogambo Guru

I'm obviously the kind of guy who trusts no one, and for good reasons and for bad reasons. But reasons. Lots of them. Thousands of reasons!

Like those phone calls where I merrily answer "Hello?" and they, mysteriously, hang up. 

Or when I answer a phone call by saying, "Hello? Is this the idiot who called, and then hung up when I said 'hello'?", and then the caller says, "No! You're an idiot!"   THEN they hang up! Weird!

I mean, how do you make sense of ANY of that, except by first assuming that everybody is out to get you, then it all falls into place?

In fact, every time I turn around, there more corruption, more theft, and always someone else not to trust, which is, I am sorry to say, always "par for the course" at the end of long monetary booms, where a continual flood of new government money, year after year, enticed more and more greedy people to commit corruption upon corruption, deal after deal, decade after decade, until the misshapen economy evolved into a big, nasty spider's web of debt, lies, thefts, blackmail and worse.

I am sure that you will agree that this is truly an ugly part of expanding the money supply with fiat currency multiplied by insane levels of fractional banking, so that massive amounts of money can be created -- out of thin air!  -- by the banks for each dollar of new deposits, which, in this case, was the Federal Reserve creating the new dollar of new deposits in the first place.  Insane!

And that is, as they say, just for starters!  You can tell by the way my eyes are bugging out and my voice rises to a loud, shrill crescendo that it gets insanely worse with the damnable Federal Reserve actually monetizing government debt!  Creating money to buy government debt! Arrggghhh!

And then the acrid smell (sniff, sniff) of brain neurons frying and sizzling is One Sure Sign (OSS) that it gets unbelievably, incomprehensibly, mind-bogglingly, staggeringly, into-the-depths-of-hell worse when you realize that, over the decades, government deficit-spending has grown to actually BE the American economy! 

Thus, any miniscule, grudging growth in the bloated, cancerous, mal-invested, debt-besotted, government-centric economy must come as a result of massively more and more amounts of governmental deficit-spending, with everyone participating in it because they HAVE to, which is because they owe So Freaking Much (SFM) money.

As a case in point, I particularly remember a scene from the old Perry Mason television series, where, at the end of the episode, Perry has (as usual) completely shredded the guilty party's alibi, who is currently on the witness stand, where we find Denver Pyle confessing to the murder, saying that a complicated financial scheme had gone awry and his creditors were pressing for repayment, which he did not have.

He explains "I just needed a little more time!"

Then he leaned forward in the witness stand and explained that this -- this! -- was his justification for murder.  "I HAD to kill him!", he said. "Can't you see that?"

You can probably tell I am stupidly distrustful and paranoid by the odd assortment of things I remember from old TV shows, or maybe you can tell by the way I'm very nervous, almost rat-like, in the way my eyelids are narrowed to mere slits, my bloodshot eyes darting quickly back and forth, seeking out enemies and deadly traps, and seeing them everywhere. Mostly because they ARE everywhere! Look out behind you!

And it is that exact kind of unreasoning paranoid hysteria that explains why there is a large bulge under my jacket, obviously doing a poor job of concealing some kind of oversized pistol, rifle, bazooka, rocket-propelled grenade, machine gun, anti-aircraft cannon and/or flame thrower, depending on my mood and ability to remain standing under all that weight.

Since this is something you don't see everyday, then obviously, I am the only clear-thinking dude for miles around.

I think it started when I realized that neo-Keynesian econometrics was mostly a Huge Load Of Crap (HLOC), mostly as a result of finding and then studying the Austrian school of economics, with thanks to mises.org, which is the educational equivalent of taking the red pill and seeing the Matrix.

This revelation theoretically caused my brain to explode in outrage and fear, overwhelmed by panic, terrified at finding out that We're Freaking Doomed (WFD) because the Federal Reserve is an evil institution that created, and is still creating, so much excess money and credit that terrifying inflation in prices -- and economic collapse! -- must necessarily result.

All of this made me, as you would expect, bitter and angry, a condition not made any better by also being a guy who is absolutely sure, beyond any doubt whatsoever, that inflation in prices is going to rage out of control because of the monetary insanity of the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund, et al, still conspiring to create unbelievable, shocking, disastrous amounts of new money, on top of the other mountains of new money and debt they have been creating for literally decades that have led to the economic disaster of the world today.

If you are one of those who laugh at those who are frantically buying gold, silver and oil to protect themselves from these certain perils, and hopefully even to prosper as all other suffer, then "Hahahaha!"

I have just cut-and-pasted that "Hahahaha!" laugh, and will carefully store it away until the day (coming soon to a theater near you!) when I am sure that you realize that those buying gold, silver and oil were Absolutely Freaking Right (AFR), and you were disastrously wrong.

And that is when I shall have my Moment Of Exquisite Mogambo Revenge (MOEMR)!  I shall bring this archived laugh out of storage, display it proudly, and thus I will be, literally, the one who laughs last, and thus the one who laughs best!

Whee!  I mean, Hahahaha! This investing stuff is as easy as fulfilling old sayings!


  1. Paranoid means you think everybody is out to get you, being a realist means you know full well they ARE, out to get you.
    Three cheers for Mogambo, the super realist among us all!

  2. I found you again! You made my mornings at least tolerable with your freaking hylarious Mogambo style....so happy to hear you are still ranting and raving.....