Sunday, September 30, 2012

Too Much Money And Credit (TMMAC)

September 28, 2012

Mogambo Guru


I put it off as long as I could, and as distasteful as it was, I finally broke it to the family that I was, alas, being forced to cut expenses, mostly because I don't have a job anymore, and will almost surely never get another one. 


"Never get a job," I think, silently chortling to myself, "until they start advertising for 'Lazy old man to work, when he is in the mood, for premium pay and generous benefits for doing practically nothing, if anything, a couple of days per week or month."


Immediately, the members of the family unit were, as expected, hostile and defensive, obviously remembering the last time when I "cut expenses" so that I could, as they never tire of pointing out, buy something expensive and act really stupidly.  


And they no doubt remember, too, that they got exactly nothing from me that time, keeping all the money for myself, and I how I rudely laughed at their pleas for money, telling them, in a snide, snotty and sarcastic tone of voice, "Get a job, loser!", and they were, as I remember, really grumpy about it.


Naturally, the first thing out of each of their mouths was (distilling the essence of their lengthy, and loud, remarks) was "No!  Don't stop giving me money! Stop giving money to those other family-unit losers, but not me!"


The "family meeting," such as it was, immediately devolved into a weird, ugly fight about who could make my life more miserable, and thus, apparently, deserving of more money than the others.


Finally, as if at a signal, they turned to me and asked "So how much money AM I going to get from now on?"


I could see the fear and panic in their faces.  Being the considerate, loving father and darling husband that I am ("He's a real peach!"), I gently replied "None, you morons! You get nothing! Nothing! There is no more money! Exactly what part of 'bankruptcy' don't you understand, you lowlife Earthling halfwits who now get what they deserve because they would not buy gold, silver and oil with their miserable few pennies?"


Well, at the instant their deafening howls of protest rattled off the ceiling, I realized that this was the wrong way to say what was, actually, correct, and I should have said "I am so sorry, but I fear that you will get almost nothing, and it breaks my heart because I love you so much and I feel your pain." 


But the shrieking, cacophonous, angry, panicked result would be the same, no matter how I said it, as I am reminded by riots in Europe. This is also by angry mobs of panicky, busted-out people who are displeased about getting what they deserve for spending themselves, decade after decade, steadily into total bankruptcy, which every other idiot in history knows is a Very Bad Idea (VBI).


So it must be a kind of a karma thing, I guess.


Anyway, since "what goes around comes around," it will happen here, and everywhere else, too.  And all for the same reasons, too:  Imminent bankruptcy and utter ruination of a ridiculous, bloated, mal-invested, government-centric economy, financed by the evil Federal Reserve creating excess money and debt to finance it all.


To gauge how bad it will be in America, an article by Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute will perhaps prove instructive.  He writes "The federal government runs 126 separate anti-poverty programs. Altogether, seven different Cabinet departments and six independent agencies each administer at least one anti-poverty program."


Together, these federal anti-poverty programs "cost taxpayers more than $668 billion last year," but that "if one includes state and local welfare spending, government at all levels will spend more than $952 billion this year," or, if you prefer, a whopping 6% of GDP. Yikes!


That breaks down to the dismal statistic that "combined with state and local spending, government spends $20,610 for every poor person in America - or $61,830 per poor family of three."  Wow!


He continues without even a hint of the irony or the angry, screaming outrage that it deserves, and would have gotten in a scornful, screaming, spittle-spewing Mogambo Howl Of Complete Outrage (MHOCO) if I had written the article, which I did not, both because I don't have Mr. Tanner's talent writing or obvious intellect, and also because it looks like it took a lot of work, which doesn't interest me that much. At all.


In fact, I am actually repelled by the idea of work.


So, irony-less, angry-less, screaming-less and outrage-less, we are left to ourselves to calculate that this government giveaway of $61,830 per poor family of three is a Lot Of Money (LOM), especially "given that the poverty line for that family is just $18,530, we should have theoretically wiped out poverty in America many times over."


Hahaha! I laughed at the sheer, monumental incredulity of such a thing!  I am dumbfounded! Hahaha!


But there are a lot of weird things in a huge federal budget that includes a deficit that is already an unbelievable $1.4 trillion, which alone is an astounding, unbelievable, incredible 9% of the entire economy of the Whole Freaking Country (WFC)!  We're doomed!


And it's a deficit which will be - hold onto your hats!  -- higher next year, and the year after that, and then, apparently, forever after that ! Double doomed!


If your eyes are bugging out and you think to yourself "We're freaking doomed!", then you will be happy to know that you understand the situation perfectly. This explains why your gut is twisted into a knot, and why your primitive brainstem is itself sending the loud message to buy gold, silver and oil stocks continuously (dollar-cost averaging), and with a feverish tenacity.


As their prices rise through the years, this will allow you to laugh merrily and heartily -- Hahahaha! -- as you watch in rapt fascination at the weird, unbelievable things that the government, and the Federal Reserve, will do in  raw desperation and suicidal panic as the economy is destroyed by the inflation, deflation and misery caused by irresponsibly creating Too Much Money And Credit (TMMAC) on top of TMMAC on top of TMMAC of top of TMMAC.


If you do NOT buy gold, silver and oil, however, you won't have anything to laugh about.


And speaking, as I do, for all the stupid people in this world who prefer to watch TV, eat, drink, have fun, or simply stare off into space like some kind of brain-damaged mental-case rather than have to deal with boring investing stuff, we are very thankful that simply buying gold, silver and oil stocks is the smartest investment anyone can make when the money supply is being increased by so much, for so long.


That may explain why those who buy gold bullion, silver bullion and oil stocks, in a desperate, fearful response to the Federal Reserve creating so much excess money, are known to say "Whee! This investing thing is easy!"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

$2 Trillion in New Money (TNM)

September 24, 2012

The Mogambo Guru


Ben Bernanke is the panicked and clueless chairman of the evil Federal Reserve, and he has just shocked the world to announce that, henceforth, the Federal Reserve will create enough money to buy $40 billion per month of mortgage-backed securities.

This comes to a cool $480 billion a year in new money right there.

And this does not even mention the additional $1 trillion or so that the Fed is going to have to create over the next year to buy the tons of new government bonds necessary to pay for what seems to a terrifying $1.4 trillion budget-deficit of the loathsome Obama administration.

So I figure that we are looking at close to $2 trillion in new money this year! That's a 20% increase in the money supply! In One Freaking Year (OFY)!  Gaaahhh!

Now, people who are even vaguely familiar with Austrian School economics, or Milton Friedman's famous quote that "Price inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon", are running around in fear, probably also shrieking "Gaaahhh!" when they should be buying gold, silver and oil with that same terrified abandon, horrified at the certain prospect of ruinous, calamitous inflation in prices that all this new money will cause.

Mr. Bernanke, for his part, has declared himself an expert on the Great Depression, and has concluded that it was caused by -- get this!  -- the Federal Reserve not burying America under an avalanche of new money and credit.

If it had, he solemnly pontificates, everything would have been, in a word, peachy.

Thus, it is easy to see how he would decide that he, armed only with this crazy idea and his arrogant conceit, can easily prevent the regrettable repeat of the Great Depression that is darkly descending upon us.

He would do this by the obvious, happy expedient of burying America under an avalanche of new money and credit!

Many of you, no doubt, have noticed that twice I used the exact same phrase "burying America under an avalanche of new money and credit", and you are saying hurtful things like "This is mere mindless redundancy, the same kind of Worthless Mogambo Crap (WMC) that I have come to expect, which handily explains why everyone thinks The Mogambo is stupid and has cooties, and why I am ashamed to be reading this WMC, and why I am angry with myself for wasting my time reading that selfsame WMC!"

Well, mister or miz smarty-pants critic, for your information, I have done that on purpose for Two Important Reasons (TIR).  Not one, but two! Two Important Reasons (TIR)!

The First Important Reason (FIR) is that I am not very bright, and could not immediately come up with anything new or original by virtue of my also being too lazy to even take a lousy second to think about it, and the Copy/Paste function was right there, begging me to use it, saying to me "Oh, so you're a real tough guy who's brave enough to write that the Federal Reserve creating so terrifyingly much new money and credit that is going to destroy us with an inflation in consumer prices, a roaring price inflation that will, percentage-wise, match the monstrous monetary inflation of the evil Federal Reserve, but you are too chicken to copy one lousy little phrase, which wasn't very good to start with?  Is it because you aren't very bright and you probably have cooties? Huh? Cootie-man?"

And then it Copy/Paste function made squawking noises at me, like a chicken, mocking me! How could I not rise to the challenge?

The Second Important Reason (SIR) is that it is my clever way of saying that the outcome of burying America under an avalanche of new money and credit is The One Damned Thing (TODT) that actually caused BOTH the Great Depression and the current inflationary "recession" that will soon, in case you were wondering, turn into a terrifying stagflationary depression.

So creating more money sure as hell will NOT be a cure! Hahaha!

Hey! Maybe I can turn this into a classic joke, and the people will say "The Mogambo isn't very bright, but he writes a funny joke!

The doctor says "The tests show that you have cancer" and you say, aghast, "How are you going to cure me, or am I going to die a horrible, lingering death while you and the healthcare system bleed me dry?"

The doctor says "No! I'm going to cure you! I'm going to cure you 'Federal Reserve Style', which is to give you MORE of the cancer that is killing you!  I am only sorry to say that I cannot bleed you dry, because that's not the way Medicare works, although if someone finds a way, I'm coming after you.

"I'll be coming for you because I know that you have a lot of gold, silver and oil, and thus you have a lot of money.  I know this because you have been coming into my office, year after year, lying to my face about how much you smoke, lying to me about how much you drink, lying to me about how much you exercise, and lying to me about how you eat only healthful food with lots of vegetables and fruits, but expecting me to cure whatever it is that you are whining about, or actually suffering from, by prescribing some magical pill or something."

Well, that sounds like me, alright, but what does any of this have to do with the joke? This was supposed to be a joke of some kind! My new career as a joke-writer is going down in flames!

Before I could say anything, the doctor goes on "And the part that irritates me the most is the way you were constantly telling me, with your irritating nasal voice, to invest in gold, silver and oil, like I am going to listen to some grumpy old man who is obviously an idiot and who lies to me all the time. And who probably has cooties, too."

Exasperated, I explode "That's not funny! None of this is funny! I thought this was supposed to be a joke, and jokes are supposed to be funny!"

And the doctor says "Yeah, well, drop dead then! Is your doctor telling you to 'drop dead' funny?"

I reply "No, it's really not. However, the idea of you actually knowing that you should be buying gold, silver and oil stocks because the Federal Reserve and other central banks are creating so much money, but you are not, makes me laugh.  Is that funny?"

The doctor says "No, I don't think so.  So, is there anything funny about this whole mess?"

That's when I say "Well, you can accumulate gold and silver so easily, and so cheaply, that it makes you squeal 'Whee!' with a kind of childish delight, which is kind of funny, coming, as it does, from an old, stupid man. Maybe with cooties!"

Alas, the punch line of the joke is that's about as funny as it gets.  If you don't have gold, silver and oil, however, you don't even get that.

And that's just sad.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Email from Junior Mogambo Ranger (JMR)

September 13, 2012

Mogambo Guru


I was immediately intrigued with a particular email I recently received when I noticed that it was, for a pleasant change of pace, not venom-spewing hate mail or a death threat, like, for example, this other one from this morning. 

It reads "Dear Stupid Mogambo Idiot (SMI), I think you should just shut up your stupid loud mouth, like your wonderful wife tells you.  And help out around the house sometimes, too, but you never do because you are just an irritating, lazy old man who spends his time complaining about the stupid Federal Reserve creating so much excess money that We're Freaking Doomed (WFD) to be destroyed by inflation in consumer prices, like I care about any of that monetary crap when I am up to here in laundry."

The writer, obviously a blubbering nutcase, continued "If I was your wife, what I would really want is for you to take the garbage out and wash the damned car, and maybe stop being such a distant, ineffective father and an annoying, worthless husband who only did one good thing in his whole life, which was to buy gold, silver and oil because the evil Federal Reserve was creating so much money, and the prices of gold, silver and oil zoomed just like you said they would, and they will surely continue to rise, just like you said they will, but which has nothing to do with your being such a lousy father and crappy husband.  (Signed) Anonymous Person."

You can see the kind of abuse I get from total strangers, which is, now that you mention it, highly reminiscent of the crap I take around here, too.

Instead, I am happy to say that the better email was from Junior Mogambo Ranger (JMR) Burt L., who sent some interesting news. 

Beginning with the standard salutation of groveling subservience "Magnificent Mogambo Master", he went on to write "I went to the Enterprise Florida web site and found the attached 2009 through 2011 chart of (primarily gold) exports to Switzerland," which he dutifully included so that I could see for myself.

Sure enough, the Florida-Origin Exports to Switzerland show that "Gold (Incl Plat Plated), Unwr, Semifr Or Powder" increased from $42.2 million in 2010, to $201.6 million in 2011, almost a five-fold increase in one year! One state to one country! And little ones, at that!

Now, $201.6 million in exports, of what appears to be gold, is certainly a lot of money, and it is just about enough to get me the through the weekend, anyway. I laugh at my own joke "Hahahaha!"

Perhaps you noticed that I am laughing through my tears, as, in fact, in no year did anyone ever give me $201.6 million, while almost every year nobody gave me anything but a hard time and/or a Royal Screw Job (RSJ), which is kind of like an ordinary "hard time," but with an additional punishment that you pay out lots of dollars, that you don't believe you needed to pay, but there is nothing that you can do about it, and nothing that you can prove.

All you can do is go down there, storming in, blabbering incoherently in an indignant rage and yell at the manager "Well, you gave me a Royal Screw Job (RSJ) that time! But the joke's on you! Hahaha!  All those dollars you choked out of me are losing purchasing power with each tick of the clock -- tick, tock, tick, tock! -- because the horrible Federal Reserve keeps creating so much excess money and credit, which dilutes each one of those dollars! Hahahaha! Chump!

"And," continuing in hysterical outrage, "the only satisfaction that I get from this whole disagreeable episode is the knowledge that you are obviously too stupid to understand the need to buy gold, silver and oil when the money supply is being so terrifyingly expanded by the foul Federal Reserve like this, and so you won't buy any, and you will end up broke and busted-out like all the other losers. Loser! Then I shall laugh at YOU! Hahahaha!"

As you can probably tell, after getting another Royal Screw Job (RSJ) in what seems to be a long line of RSJs, I could use $201.6 million right about now, but, unfortunately, we are not talking about me.

And we are not even talking about the $201.6 million in Florida gold exports to Switzerland, but we have moved on, and are now talking about the category of "Waste & Scrap of Prec Metal Or Other Cont Prec Mtl" which was #1 on the list of exports out of Florida to Switzerland.

I am not exactly sure what "Waste & Scrap of Prec Metal Or Other Cont Prec Mtl" is, but I figure it seems to be the "We Buy Gold" people registering a staggering $6,811 million ($6.811 billion!) in precious metals-related exports to Switzerland, which alone represent almost all the Florida 2011 exports to that country, which totaled $7,291.0 million ($7.291 billion).

And this $7,291.0 million in "2011 total Florida exports to Switzerland" was up massively from a paltry $5,011.6 million in 2010, and up more than double from the $3,244.0 million total exports in 2009, two years previous! Wow! What is going on here?

This chart from is full of interesting stuff, like about silver, exports of which increased to $10 million in 2011, up from (according to the chart) literally zero dollars in 2010. 

This is all pretty amazing, as JMR Burt realizes, too, and says "Amazing, since Florida has no gold or silver mines."

"Well," I was tempted to say, "If you think THAT is amazing, then what do you make of exports of  'Silver (Incl Prec Plated), Unwr, Semimfr Or Powder' increasing from literally zero in 2010 to $10 million in 2011, yet which is, according to this report, an increase of an odd 45,494.4%?  You would think going from zero to 10 million would be an infinite increase, wouldn't you?  Not 45,494.4%!  Pretty odd, huh? Huh? Pretty odd, wouldn't you say?"

And this is not the only odd thing!  To prove such a provocative statement, listen as I say "Oddly enough, silver exports from Florida to Switzerland in 2009 show a dash ('-') instead of a zero! Oddly enough, a dash! What is a dash supposed to mean, except as some secret, coded message, probably from a sinister, secret government agency watching your every move, or maybe spies at the corrupt commodity exchanges are communicating with alien space creatures from beyond the solar system?"

And the next two biggest percentage-increases in Florida exports to Switzerland are chump change, being "Lifting, handling, Loading & Unload Machines" (although only $800,000 in 2011, but up an odd 1,755.5% from the zero exports in 2010) and "Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Washers Etc, Iron Or Steel" ($1.1 million in 2011, up 505.9% from 2010 and zero in 2009, which is pretty odd, too).

And oddly enough, Florida exports to Switzerland of "Citrus Fruit, Fresh Or Dried" was only $1.1 million, despite citrus products being The Thing for which Florida is supposedly known.

As a guy who is naturally paranoid and sees conspiracies everywhere, I am instantly on the nervous alert at these odd, and thus scary, goings-on.   I find myself constantly re-evaluating my situation in terms of the nearest exit and where to take cover in the event of a full-scale, all-out, guns blazing, urban-warfare, us-versus-them, dog-eat-dog shoot-out, if it comes to that, and it probably will, if any of those dark, Hollywood post-apocalyptic movies or invasions of space monsters are even REMOTELY true.

Fortunately, one thing I know --for a fact! -- to be true, and not odd, is that gold, silver and oil stocks are the place to be when the government is doing such massive deficit-spending and allowing the Federal Reserve to create so incredibly, impossibly, catastrophically much money and credit.

And, in light of that, for a last bit of "oddly enough" incidents, it is odd that very few people are buying gold, silver and oil at these absolute bargain prices, here at the beginning of the inflationary horror that awaits us.

But for those who do, however, it is "Whee! This investing stuff is easy! And not the least bit odd!"


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mogambo Nontraditional Policies (MNP)

September 6, 2012

Mogambo Guru


I was startled to read Reading Ben Bernanke's remarks, made at Jackson Hole, about using "nontraditional policies" at the Federal Reserve.   Nontraditional policies, indeed!

By "nontraditional policies" he no doubt means his current policies of 1) the inflationary horror of monetizing of debt by the simple expedient of simply creating the money to buy new government debt, and 2) the bizarre idea to purposely create inflation in consumer prices.

Apparently, Mr. Bernanke is unaware that both of these sublime idiocies have been consistently denounced as moronic and suicidal for thousands of years (usually after they have failed miserably), and exist nowhere in the economic literature except as bad examples of traditional economic policy.

He actually made this alarming admission in public, in front of witnesses, hundreds of them, in fact, while addressing the annual conclave of economic halfwits, lunatics, liars, hangers-on, goers-along, and mainstream media nitwits at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, all of which I rudely refer to as "The A-Holes at the J-Hole."

Suddenly, I realized that I may have been too harsh in condemning him and his moronic colleagues for this obvious insanity. I can use this!

Instantly energized, I nimbly hopped into the Mogambo-Mobile, started 'er up, screeched out of the driveway and, engine roaring, careened down the street with the radio blaring and a big ol' smile on my face, happily rolling through pesky traditional stop signs and blithely exceeding posted (and thus traditional) speed limits, which are so tragically traditional and thus at odds with the new "nontraditional policy."

I was soon at the grocery store, parking in an oh-so-handy Handicapped-Only parking space as further nontraditional policy, and then having a heated conversation with the store manager, where I was breathlessly telling him all about the new Mogambo Nontraditional Policies (MNP) now in effect.

I asked him, with mock earnestness, "Didn't you get the memo about nontraditional policies?" 

He replied, with a hint of exasperation in his voice, "What memo? You don't even work here! You're just that crazy old man who is always coming in here and upsetting the customers by telling them that We're Freaking Doomed (WFD) because of the inflation and ruination caused by the satanic Federal Reserve creating, and which is still creating, so much excess money and credit so as to fund the growing, bankrupting stupidities of a constantly enlarging, suffocating Marxist and thoroughly fascist government, over the last half-century, and the teeming hordes of government-dependent people that has now grown to over half the population."

Wow! I was surprised and delighted at this unexpected knowledge about things economic!  He must have listened to me, all these years, while spying on me with the security cameras! I was so proud of him that I excitedly and happily blurted out "Yeah! THAT memo!"

Then he says, obviously getting irritated and growing tired of dealing with me, sneeringly asked "What?"

I looked him straight in the eye, and as if speaking to some stupid Earthling child, earnestly said "Mogambo Nontraditional Policies (MNP) is what!  If you are looking for a definition of Mogambo Nontraditional Policies (MNP), it's just like the 'nontraditional policies' of the Federal Reserve!  

"Thus, MNP are also arbitrary actions of an especially nonsensical, stupid, or suicidal nature that are bizarrely contrary to every bit of experience, evidence and theory of the last 4,500 years, enacted entirely at my insane whim, so as to desperately try to reverse the horrible effects of my disastrous mishandling of traditional policies, but now with a new policy of pursuing A Huge Guaranteed Failure (AHGF), thus hopefully benefiting from two wrongs making a right!"

Again he said, with even greater exasperation in his voice, "What?"

By this time, he is looking at me with a really dumbfounded blank look on his stupid face.  So I impatiently, but gently, said "Enough theory, moron! In practice, henceforth MNP will include, but not be limited to, me marching in here like I own the place, taking all the groceries I want, any time I want, even if I have to call you at home in the middle of the night to make you come down here and open the store up especially for me.

"And a further huge, stinking load of Mogambo Nontraditional Policies (MNP) is that I do not have to pay for anything.  Everything is free to me.  You will make it up on increased volume."

At this, he is suddenly laughing at me, saying "You're trying that old joke in real life? What are you, some kind of crazy person?"

Naturally, I said "I'm The Mogambo Guru! You tell ME! Hahaha!"

Well, we both had a good laugh at that, him thinking that I was just trying to be funny, but could not be funny, like the time I tried to look handsome and could not, and like the time I tried to be intelligent and could not, and the time I tried to be romantic but could not, and the time I tried to raise an unstoppable army of undead brain-eating fiends to invade Washington, D.C., kill them all, and install me on a throne where I would be Omnipotent Emperor Mogambo (OEM), taking complete dictatorial control, putting the US dollar back on a strict gold standard and a banking system with no fractional banking.

Thus, the economy would always be fine, everything would be fine because the money would always be fine, and the poor would fine as they enjoy zero percent inflation in prices, and indeed they would probably pay only gently falling prices, thus receiving the fabled "more for less," along with rising quality as a result of dog-eat-dog producers and suppliers competing for a limited supply of consumer money in a Darwinian marketplace where the best survive and the worst are weeded out.

Verily, children would happily laugh and sing in their play, and puppies would wag their cute little tails all day, which I think rhymes this particular time, so you know it must be true, don't you?

Anyway, Bernanke told his colleagues, "I hate puppies, and I hate Darwin, and I hate The Mogambo for exposing me as the desperate, panicked, know-nothing little twit that I am!"

Okay, I admit that he did not say that, but he might as well have, as he actually DID say "it is also true that nontraditional policies are relatively more difficult to apply, at least given the present state of our knowledge."

Hahaha! This proves what a complete doofus he is!  Hahaha!  Applying nontraditional policies is the easiest thing in the world, dude! Nothing is as easy as effortlessly creating unlimited amounts of money out of thin air to buy unlimited amounts of new government debt!  Stupid and insanely suicidal, of course, but also very, very easy!

Well, it doesn't take a Junior Mogambo Ranger Decoder Ring (JMRDR) to figure out that this laughable comment of his proves that he is just making up this stupid crap out of his lunatic, neo-Keynesian econometric head. 

Following that, one can only shake one's head and truly wonder about Bernanke's mental state when he lets slip that he is completely ignorant of the effects of his disastrous "nontraditional policies" when he says "Estimates of the effects of nontraditional policies on economic activity and inflation are uncertain," which makes me laugh even more, laughing even as my Mighty Mogambo Heart (MMH) is breaking about the future of the dollar and America.

Well, memo to Ben Bernanke: The disastrous effects of creating too much money and credit are VERY well known, you dolt! And they have been very, VERY well known for thousands of years!  

Apparently Bernanke was stung by my rude remarks, and, realizing that they are true and that he really IS a lunatic neo-Keynesian econometric lowlife loser, tries to weasel around and give himself an out ("It wasn't my fault!") by lamely warning that "the use of nontraditional policies involves costs beyond those generally associated with more-standard policies."  Higher costs? No foolin'?  Hahahaha!

So he is creating (along with the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund (both run by socialists!) massive amounts of money so as to monetize massive amounts of government debt, thereby doing something that has failed every time it has been tried in all of history by whole economies collapsing as their money was devalued to worthlessness? Hahahaha again!           

Of course, this pales in comparison to terrifying reality of his actually, unbelievably, tragically, horribly, and nontraditionally using monetary policy to "target inflation" to be at least more than 2%, and with rumors of his wanting 5% price inflation, instead of the traditionally-desired zero percent (or less!) price inflation. Yikes! We're Freaking Doomed (WFD)!

And why is he doing this?  As Tyler Durden of writes about Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan, they are "directly responsible for a crisis, which over the course of 30 years of 'great moderation' pulled over $30 trillion in future demand to the present (benefiting almost exclusively the banker class), and which will guarantee pain and suffering for generations of Joe Sixpacks."

Although Mr. Durden does not mention it because he is too polite, I will say that those selfsame Joe Sixpacks will suffer for generations because they consistently bought sixpacks of beer instead of consistently buying gold, silver and oil with that little bit of chump change.

Perhaps you will find it instructional that if they HAD bought gold, silver and oil instead of beer all these years, they are already able to buy beer by the case. By the truckload! By the trainload! And soon, thanks to their prices exploding thanks to the evil Federal Reserve continually creating So Freaking Much Money (SFMM), they will able to buy their own freaking brewery, for crying out loud!  Dozens of them!

That's when they would really, really, REALLY realize the full implications of "Whee! This investing stuff is easy!"