Tuesday, July 3, 2012

....My Money (ACWOMM)

I don't seem to give a flying crap about much of anything anymore. Anything, that is, except buying more gold, silver and oil, as what good is dreaming should man's reach exceed his grasp?

I am not sure how that vaguely-remembered quote actually goes, but I remember that I translated it to mean "What good is giving stupid, lazy kids an allowance, which they use for purposes that I suspect is making them even more stupid and rude, and so which makes it obviously A Complete Waste of My Money (ACWOMM), when I could be using that cash to buy more gold, silver and oil so as to achieve MY dreams of getting the hell out of here, getting a snazzy new car and some fancy new clothes when gold, silver and oil soar, soar, SOAR in price thanks to the foul Federal Reserve always creating more and more money and credit which creates inflation in prices?"

In the same vein of rambling, run-one sentences and general stinginess, "Or why should I give the wife a huge grocery budget when she uses most of the money to buy crappy food that is never in the beer, pizza or taco category, that only the stupid kids like to eat, as if I care what they want to eat, and is therefore another example of A Complete Waste of My Money (ACWOMM)?"

I mention this only because this is a perfect metaphor for the crushing size and scope of government, most of which is A Complete Waste of My Money (ACWOMM).

But notice that when times are tough, government keeps on spending!

Not like you when you get laid off from your stupid job, and your wife is whining about you going out and getting another job, but nobody is hiring guys who are old, stupid, completely lacking in any useful skill and do not play well with others.

And yet you want to buy some more gold, silver and oil because the treacherous Federal Reserve is still infamously, tragically, horrifically creating so much more money and credit that ruinous inflation in consumer prices is guaranteed to soar, soar, SOAR, and that's when gold, silver and oil likewise soar, making you millions in profits by buying them now, when they are so low in price, and maybe then she will shut the hell up if you give her a million or a thousand or a couple of hundred bucks, but she is currently grumpy and adamant about eliminating any buying of gold, silver or oil until you get some stupid job.

And you are too gutless, and too wary of government's distressing history of treating its people badly (and evermore so lately!), to borrow the money to buy the gold, silver and oil that you so feverishly, desperately crave, so much so that you can almost taste the huge profits they will bring when price inflation soon roars because of all the outrageous amounts of money created, and still being created by the Federal Reserve!

And, indeed, the staggering amounts of money and credit being created by the other central banks of the world, including the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF)!

Of course, dollars are being created for many reasons, one of which is that Wikipedia reports that interest on the national debt, a line-item in the federal budget, is scheduled to increase 14% this year!  Yow!

Increase your debt payments by 14% this year and see what happens to YOUR budget!

The difference is thus made plain: Because you are not stupid or crazy, you won't borrow yourself into bankruptcy, and only the federal government is stupid enough, and crazy enough, to borrow itself into bankruptcy by letting the Federal Reserve create so much money to finance such insane levels of deficit-spending, so as to foster such a bloated, cancerous, government-centric, non-profit economy where the various governments are spending $114,000 this year for each private-sector, profit-making worker in the Whole Freaking Country (WFC)!

Alas, after committing such egregious monetary and fiscal sins all these decades, there is nothing that can be done, because if there WAS something that could be done, one of the other million-or-so bankrupted governments in the last 4,500 years of history would have thought of it by now, and they tried everything they could think of, all to literally no avail, in that it always ended badly, usually with (look it up!) lots of screaming and associated ugliness except for people who owned gold and silver.

So, cutting children's allowances and trimming the food budget to free up cash with which to buy gold, silver and oil?  Ahh! Now THERE'S an idea worthy of a Nobel Prize!

And if not a prize, then perhaps I can be consoled with a Huge Freaking Load (HFL) of can't-miss, dead-bang certain riches. We’ll see!

Either way, whee! This investing stuff is easy!

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