Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Shadowy Legend of The Mogambo...

Hey!  It's me, Mogambo! Over here! No, over here! Here! The guy eating the taco!  That's me! Hi!

Thank you all for your kind comments, although you are doubtlessly aware that admitting to reading the Mogambo Guru, even accidentally, even in passing, even from across the room, even just glancing at it from across a large room, makes me have absolutely no respect for you. At all.

I should tell your friends and family about your obvious low standards in reading material so that they could know what kind of person you really, really are and laugh at you, but I won't.

All I ask is that you buy gold, silver and oil so that when you are rich as a result of their prices going ballistic because the Federal Reserve is creating so many trillions of dollars, then you can say "I owe it all to the wonderful advice of The Magnificent Mogambo to buy gold, silver and oil when the Federal Reserve was creating so much money and acting so suicidally irresponsible."

And when they ask "Who's Mogambo?", you can answer, cryptically, "Who, indeed?"

Thus, the shadowy legend of The Mogambo is kept alive.

And when they make a movie about it, please make sure that the guy who plays me has great washboard abs, bulging biceps like freaking eggplants, and a handsome face like a young Paul Newman, only more so, if you get my drift.

Thanks! The Mogambo owes you one!

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